“Almost Doesn't Count”

20th January, 02.30am, Monterrey, Mexico

It’s late into the evening and we’ve just spend 2 hours on top of a 130m (430ft) bridge, right in the guts of Monterrey. Beneath us are 10 police cars racing up and down the road, it looks as though they are searching for someone and hopefully not us.
As we check the wind and decide on the appropriate landing area, we climb up onto the outside of the circular platform and wait for the traffic to pass by underneath…. I pear over to Nate who’s smiling, a quick high five and I am off, shortly followed by Nate.
Both having great openings and perfect landings in the dark about 200m away from the closest police car, we stash our gear and run back to the car.

Back at the house (01.30am) we’re packing for round 2. The plan is to jump a 60m (200ft) building crane attached to a newly constructed building. Grab the cameras, key and tequila and we’re off!
Driving through traffic, we notice up ahead there is a police stop, we pull up alongside and immediately get pulled over.

Policeman 1 : What are you doing? Have you been drinking? Any drugs or alcohol?
Nate : No, we’re just driving home, no drugs or alcohol
Policeman 1 : Driving license please….
Nate : Fuck, I don’t have it (as he pretends to look for it in the back of the car)
Policeman 1 : What’s under the seat?
Sam : Err…. a bottle of empty tequila….
Policeman 2 : OK. We’re gonna need to take you to the station, you gonna have to spend the night in jail man!
Sam : What? I haven't been drink driving, how’s that fair?
Policeman 2 : Doesn't matter, you need an alcohol test and no license for driving, its a problem

As the police speak quick Mexican, Nate is explaining we can go and get his license while I am feeling like I may end up in jail. All four of us are explaining the rules of what we know, Nates trying to get off the hook for not having his license and I am explaining that I am not even drunk. After a few minutes they look at us both silently and policeman 1 touches his handcuffs (my heart sank a little)

Policeman 1 : You guys need to learn the rules for here, don't do it again.

As we drive off in a little silence we start to relax and laugh. Totally unprepared, with base rigs and camera helmets on the back seats, we got away with it! Just another night of BASE jumping for us.