Phoenix Fly Family Vacation

Location - Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Dates - January 5th-13th 2018
Cost - $1,120 USD 40 jumps to 15K / Twin Otter
Slots - 23

1 - Nate  2 - Sam  3 - Robi  4 - Edo  5 - Michi  6 - Scotty P  7 - Woody
8 - Trevor  9 - Arlette  10 - Hege  11 - Adam Foster  12 - Felix  13 - Douggs  14 - Peter  15 - Joachim
16 - Kennio  17 - Kelly  18 - Peter  19 - Romain  20 - Vicente  21 - Daddo

Canopy Pilot - Iain Jensen

If you have been sent this link, consider yourself family. You have been thoroughly screened to get the Balkan approval.
Please speak to Nate or Sam if you have someone in mind you would like to invite but this is an exclusive event.

The Rundown

This event is about bringing together the PF family for good times and fun jumps.
We will not have specific LO's. Instead it is an open event for people to get creative and organise between ourselves.
No stress, just tequila, cerveza's and skydiving at a chill beach location.
We will be staying at Casa Mandala between 7 apartments, first come first serve.
It is a short walk to the DZ from the hotel. All landings are on the beach.
We are staying right next to the main area of Zicatela (google it) on the beach which offers plenty of
cheap bars and restaurants for our evening shenanigans. 
We have 9 full days to use so the plan is 8 days of jumping, 5 jumps a day with 1 rest/activity day.
Jumps are usually to 13K here but we have arranged all loads to 15K and can get long spots and fly back up the beach.
Carve's and Strix's will be the suits of choice.

How to get there

Fly into Mexico City and then get a short connecting flight down to Puerto Escondido to arrive Jan 4th.
Book your flights ASAP as they will start going up in price quickly.
From the airport you can get a 10 minute taxi to Casa Mandala for about 50 ding dongs.


Casa Mandala, couple of minutes walk to DZ Hotel. $20 USD or less per person per night
depending on what room you are in and how many people are sharing.
We can squeeze some extras into rooms if needed.
If we fill this accommodation you can find other options close by but this will be home base.

Check in on Thursday January 4th
Check out on Sunday 14th

#1 - 2 people - Nate & Sam
#2 - 2 people - Robi & Edo
#3 - 3 people - Trevor & Arlette & Kelly
#4 - 2 people - Hege
#5 - 2 people - Douggs, Felix
#6 - 3 people - Michi & Peter & Adam
#7 - 3 people - Iain

Rooms are not final.  Just making sure everyone has a place.  Will finalize closer to date.
Scotty P & Woody staying next door.

We are giving you plenty of notice so DONT let Robi down.  Please contact Nate ASAP and we will start allocating rooms.
Work out who you want to share with. We can add an extra person into some of these rooms as well.
Nate is definitely going to be there early for the NYE Beach Boogie (Dec 27th - Jan 2)
So if you want to come rage before then please come join.

Good vibes,
Nate, Sam & Robi